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Since 2006, Fernando and Angélica have shared their passion for salsa, and other Latin dance styles, through lessons, performances, and choreographies.
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Latin Dance Styles


The most popular Latin dance style in the world, characterized by its quick footwork, fun turn patterns, and dynamic partnerwork. 


Similar fundamentals as salsa, but danced to the beat of “la clave”, giving dancers the space and time to elegantly interpret the music with intricate turn patterns and combinations.


A soulful dance style with unique musical hits and endless ways to interpret the rhythm with your feet and body movement. 


A simple and sensual dance style characterized by its fundamental  hip movement, that is fun to learn, but challenging to master. 


A partner-dependent dance style, with ongoing open-breaks, and simple turn combinations. 


One of the easiest dance styles to learn, characterized by the upbeat music, continuous hip motion, and slow turn patterns. 

Our Story

Fernando & Angélica


“Would you like to dance?” 

These were the first five words spoken in our relationship. I turned around to see who had tapped my right shoulder and to my surprise, a beautiful young woman stood in front of me, amidst a ballroom filled with thousands of dancers from all over the world. Without hesitation, I blissfully smiled and accepted her request. Many years later, our married life has been as magical as our first dance. 

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